Grilled Cheese Gamechanger

photo 2

GUYS. Are you ready to eat the best grilled cheese ever? If so, head to your local Trader Joe’s and buy some of their English Cheddar with Carmelized Onions.

I recently discovered this beautiful cheese via a photo my friend Julie posted on Instagram. It’s lovely and delicious, and is also a grocery store version of my favorite cheese at Terry’s Turf Club. Julie’s Instagram feed also alerted me to the fact that Sam’s Club sells frozen Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. You could say she’s my photosharing food fairy godmother.

ANYWAYS, did you know that shredded cheese makes better grilled cheeses than singles? It helps the cheese melt more evenly. Chances are, you’re currently saying, “Of course I knew that, Karen. Everyone knows that. Have you been living under a rock?” (this is something that was actually said to me when I excitedly shared this “new” fact with a “friend”).

photo 1

The cheddar was super delicious on its own, but I bet it would have been even more amazing with some bacon and green onions sprinkled into the sandwich – AKA a potato skin grilled cheese (million dollar idea alert!).

Any other surprising Trader Joe’s finds out there?


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