Letters From My 14-year-old Self

Hey, remember me? I guess I’m still really bad at this blogging thing.

Anyways, I was cleaning out my room at my parent’s house this weekend, and I found a letter I wrote myself at TAF 2002 as a JH camper. I’m still contemplating writing a TAF 2013 reflection, but thought I’d share this in the meantime. I wrote it over a decade ago, and I have absolutely no idea what some of it means, but other parts of it still ring true for me. Maybe it will for you, too. Here’s a peek into my 14-year-old brain.


So… it’s been 5 months since TAF. Time flies! Ok well just never forget what you learned at TAF 2002. To communicate better, seek to understand, rather than be understood. Put yourself in other people’s perspectives, in their shoes. Don’t expect that people are gonna know everything (formation game), be clear and thorough. Don’t fight with Mom, Dad or Jason so much. Try to understand where they’re coming from. Always use micro, mezzo, and macro relations. Don’t jump to conclusions or pre-judge. Be open and honest. Use both verbal and nonverbal communication. And never ever forget being ILT. Hanging out & bonding with your friends and the rest of staff, TAF love, meeting new people. Never forget the awesome feeling that your campers appreciate you. Keep all the memories close to your heart and keep in touch with everyone. Communications are so important. So reach out, communicate to someone… you never know, you could be changing their life! Never forget SALSA and the other awesome small groups. Being on staff was so amazing… you can never forget that feeling. Keep yourself open to new people and experiences. Don’t forget how much power there is in just saying HEY! to someone. Always communicate, share, listen and love. Be the best person that you can be. Reach out to someone. Just LOVE!

❤ Karen


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